My first year of college as “Alice” was pretty much a nightmare. I hated being the stupid bimbo that the sorority girls had transformed me into. The other girls constantly made fun of me, and the guys in my former fraternity didn’t exactly show a whole lot of sympathy towards me. In fact, they pretty much just called me a “stupid sissy” and constantly tried to get me have sex with them. The thing was, I did eventually begin to grow a bit more comfortable in my new life. I made a few friends outside the sorority who didn’t know about my “predicament,” and just treated me like one of the girls. I began to be able to compensate for my new… we’ll call them “mental shortcomings” through the school’s tutoring services and the help of my new friends. And I even managed to get into a relatively healthy relationship with a guy I met. Of course, my time as Alice was meant to be a punishment, so the girls of the sorority couldn’t simply let me be happy. If I was happy, that simply meant that they needed to up the ante on my punishment.

One day, a bit before the new semester started, they explained to me what the new add-on to my punishment was to be. They were going to make me join the cheerleading team. It really was an ingenious punishment. First off, it was obviously a very girly activity that leant itself to a lot of public exposure. In other words, I’d have to flaunt my newfound femininity in public, which I hated. Even worse, most of the other cheerleaders were sorority members, meaning they were in a perfect position to make every moment of the activity quite miserable for me. I’ve managed to make it through football season at this point, which is good since that’s the sport with the biggest crowds. It’s been miserable so far, but I’m hopeful things will look up for the rest of the school year. Of course, I have to be careful to make sure that the other girls don’t notice if I do begin to feel better about cheerleading. After all, I don’t want them devising a new punishment for me…


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