First Lady !!

“What did you just do? You announced your engagement! To me!” I yelled as I entered my ‘partners’ office. “I can’t be a bachelor forever, and you’ve proven to be quite popular with the press. I need some good things written about me, if they start thinking of me as a good husband to a wonderful wife, I might be able to gain a lot of votes this coming election,” he said, sounding very cavalier about what he had just done.”I am your best friend, not your actual lover, Mike!” I said. “You can’t make a decision like this without consulting me. I knew that you needed to dispel the rumours that you were gay, which you are, but I did not agree to become your fiancee. This is ridiculous!” “You know that I am not gay, those rumours were false. Did you actually believe them?” Mike said. “I was only a bachelor for so long because my tastes,well, they are a little unconventional. Not the sort of tastes a politician is supposed to have.” “What do you mean? Of course I thought you were gay, we’ve known each other for years and you’ve practically confirmed it to me several times,” I said. “Ah, you fell for my politicking, dear. I am sorry, but I guess I’ve manipulated you. You see, I always thought you had potential and getting you into this position, well, it has been a dream of mine that I wasn’t sure would ever happen,” Mike said.I was beginning to worry where this conversation was heading.

I’ve always had my suspicions of Mike, he’s my friend and all, but he’s always had a certain puppet master-quality to him. He’s also very persuasive, which explains how he got me, a man, to pose as his female partner for so long.I mean, I even started taking doses of estrogen for him. What can I say, I believe that he could make a good president one day, and I was willing to do some self-sacrificing to make that happen.”I like girls with ‘a little bit extra. Especially when they’re reluctant about their own femininity,” Mike began. “As you might imagine, this is not the sort of sexual tastes a politician is supposed to have, at least not according to the public. Most politicians do, in fact, harbour all sorts of strange kinks and desires,and it’s relatively easy to make it a secret to the press. When I noticed you taking an interest in my campaign, I also noticed how, well, traditionally unmanly you were. With your smooth skin, short stature and, I could only presume, lack of endowment ‘down there,’I began toying with the thought of making you mine. Right from the start, I did this, long before I even suggested having you pose as my wife.” “What do you want from me?” I asked, barely comprehending what he was saying.”With your interest in politics, but lack in masculine strength, I always thought you’d make the perfect First Lady one day. Don’t act as if it is the worst life,even think you might like it,” Mike said. “And, just between us two, you won’t be the first man taking that role. More than a few First Ladies in history have had a little secret tucked between their legs. You’d be in good company, my absolutely stunning wife.

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