First Day Out as a Girl !!

It’s my first day out of the house since, well, almost two years ago.I have been completely housebound, and I have developed a bad case of agoraphobia. I don’t like being outdoors, and I always want to get back home. I see the people and I know they’re all looking at me. I know they’re wondering about what kind of a freak I am. My friend tells me that I look just like any other woman. In fact, she tells me that I am attractive. But I don’t know. No-one has said a word, but surely they must see that I am just a skinny guy with tits and long hair.The doctors couldn’t explain it. To them it was a complete medical mystery. They wanted to perform all these tests on me, but I said no. I did not want to be their little test subject. If I was going to be a hermaphrodite freak, then I’d rather still have my freedom.I didn’t want to live in and out of hospitals for the rest of my life.But my friend got worried for my welfare. As I started to spend more and more time in bed moping and feeling sorry for myself she urged me to embrace my new figure. She wanted to teach me all about being a woman, and what choice did I really have? I could have said no, but that would have risked losing her as my friend.

She was my only contact with the outside world. Hell, she was the one making sure I had food in my fridge.So far I have only been dressing up at home. She has slowly replaced my whole wardrobe with feminine things. She has done her hardest to make me think like a woman, but she hasn’t stopped me from wanting to stay indoors all day. It took her months of pestering me before I finally agreed to go to a restaurant with her.I have naturally been panicking about it every day leading up to this day, but she reassures me that everything will go okay. No-one will see anything but a couple of women eating dinner together.But now I see all these people around me. I see men. Real men. It’s been so long since I have been exposed to real masculinity, it is almost like I forgot what it is like. Their hairy faces and bodies.Their size and their muscles. I wasn’t a manly men before, but now I wonder if I ever stood a chance as a man. Do they find me attractive? Do they believe that I am a real woman? Could I have sex with a real man? What would I do if I had to please one of them? My friend suddenly made a loud coughing noise and put her hand gently on my smooth and hairless arm.”Don’t play with your food dear, it doesn’t make you look pretty,she said with a smile. She almost looked like she wanted to laugh.

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