First Day of New Life !!

John ran his hands through his hair. Every new sensation felt amazing. Had he known that women had it this good; he would have used the transformation spell a lot sooner. Last night before he went to bed, John performed the incantation. A transformation spell that would alter any or all aspects of his life, and transform it any way John saw fit. For as long as he could remember, John had struggled with his sexual identity. He knew that he wasn’t gay, but he always felt as though he was in the wrong body. When he found the spell, he couldn’t resist. When he woke up and felt his new breasts being supported by a cotton bra and his new womanhood covered by panties, he was ecstatic. He uncovered his new body and ran his hands up his long legs. His skin was so smooth and sensitive.  After he finished John hopped out of bed and ran his hands through his hair. Today was the first day of the rest of his life.

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