First Day of his New Job as a Girl !!

Ken watched as the pale morning dawned on his first day in a new job. It should’ve been an exciting occasion, but he only wanted to crawl back into bed Ken spent years convincing himself nothing was wrong with his body. Yes, he developed a bad case of gynecomastia, but he’d always been chubby And sure, he hardly needed to shave anymore, but that was probably just low vitamins. It’s not like he was turning into a woman. That was impossible It was his long-time girlfriend, Amber, who finally browbeat him into seeing a doctor. This followed yet another attempt at sex that left Ken limp. The doctor took one look at his body and immediately ordered a full battery of tests. What they found knocked Ken flat He had cancer Specifically, he had a rare form of cancer called “feminizing adrenal carcinoma.” The tumour was located above his kidney, and it was flooding his body full of feminizing hormones. Luckily, it didn’t appear to be malignant. Unluckily, it was inoperable. The hormones would continue to pump through his bloodstream forever.

The implications were as obvious as they were horrifying Ken was devastated by the news, as was Amber. But she promised to help him endure his disease. The best way, she figured, was for him to accept the inevitable. Amber pushed her boyfriend to dress in women’s clothes, grow his hair long, wear makeup In short, to become the girl the tumour was making him into. He fought her efforts, but after he lost his job he became dependent on her financially. Once Amber held all the cards, Ken’s resistance crumbled. He sobbed the day she finally got him to wear a bra Six weeks later, Amber secured Ken new employment at her company. She worked at a very liberal law firm who had no trouble hiring a transgendered candidate which was the story she told HR. Amber had meticulously selected Ken’s outfit for his first day and couldn’t wait to introduce him to the other girls at the office Stop daydreaming,” she said, waving at him. “We don’t want to be late Sighing, Ken followed her out the door and into his new life.

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