Thanks for helping me out Sis. It’s scary enough it’s my first day back at school since the virus turned me into a girl, without your help I don’t think I could even pass as one.

It was my pleasure, its being kind of nice having a sister to dress up. Now hold still just going to finish your make up.

Is it really necessary for you to take this much time over my hair and makeup, I’d rather not have any on.

I know but you’re a girl now and you need to make a good first impression.

Fine, but it seems silly.

 Okay, I’m done, take a look in the mirror.

Oh, God!

Do you love it?

What have you done to me, I look…I look!

 Beautiful right?

 It wasn’t the word I was going to use. I look like some barbie bimbo what will people think!

They will think you look great, It will make you stand out.

 I didn’t want to stand out, I’m going to have everyone looking at me

Then I have done a good job. Relax all girls wear this much, though you may look the best, you’re gorgeous!

You think?

Yeah the girls will be well jealous and the boys…



The boys will what!

Look don’t worry about it. Now don’t be late. I’ve packed you up a purse, it has all you’ll need including makeup. Just touch it up at lunch like I showed you.

This is all so crazy.

It will take some getting used too but in the end you’ll love it.

I hope so.

Now big smiles and be nice, make lots of friends. So proud of you lil Sis, make me proud…


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