Marco’s head was a battleground as he was walking holding his date’s hands. What the hell had he just agreed to? The point had been to humiliate Javier, not actually start dating him! Still, as he strutted down the path he couldn’t help it as a smile played across his lips. He’d done it – he’d actually convinced him that he was Alanna. The girls were going to be so impressed – especially when they found out that he hadn’t blown his cover! The date hadn’t even been that bad. In fact – and he wouldn’t admit this to himself yet – he’d had an absolute blast being treated like a princess all day. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to wait and see what Javier suggested for next week… after all, there was no harm just finding out, right?

He still didn’t have to agree to anything. Somewhere in the distance, the girls couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They’d followed the ‘happy couple’ with their phones all day and had been eagerly anticipating the fireworks when Javier learned the truth. Instead, he looked positively smug as the two parted company – could it be that Marco hadn’t revealed the prank after all? Oh, this just kept getting better! They had enough material here to keep the happy couple together indefinitely! Excited, the girls planned their next moves… starting with advising Javier that salsa dancing made a perfect second date. Alanna would look hot in a salsa dress! Although he didn’t know it yet, Marco was going on that second date whether he liked it or not…


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