Shawn smiled to himself as he glanced upon his reflection in the mirror and then at the face of the unconscious girl on the floor: they were indistinguishable. The lifelike mask and high-quality prosthetics were astoundingly authentic and the makeup had taken care of the rest. Even stripped naked, the two of them could’ve easily been mistaken for identical twins, though that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. The drugs he’d injected Miss Wittry with would last another few hours, more than enough time to accomplish the task at hand. She was such a pretty girl, it wasn’t hard to see why Minister Lukyanenko favoured her so, shame he didn’t have more time, but he had a job to do.

He’d been meticulous in his preparation, studying her
behaviour, learning her mannerisms, and mimicking the pitch and tone of her low, sultry voice. He’d even been careful to use her fragrant floral perfume after slipping into her silky clothes. Perfectly disguised as the beautiful Miss Wittry, he would have no trouble at all walking past security, even in ‘her high stiletto heels and straight to the Minister’s office, where ‘her’ slinky sashay and coquettish smile were sure to catch his attention. Then, with her bedroom eyes, she’d entice him with a seductive sway and lure him into a private chamber, where behind locked doors and soundproof walls, the trap would be sprung…

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