Finally decided to be a full time girl !!

As John sat on the park bench enjoying the sun he tried to read his book but his mind was still on the future. He had finally made the decision to dress full time as a woman and live as a girl but he knew there was still so much he needed to learn. He could pass in public, and was even now dressed in a skirt and blouse and had not drawn even a second glance from anyone. But he knew there was still much about being a woman, the small touches that he needed to work on.

As he was thinking about things a pretty young woman came along and sat on the bench beside him She was just the kind of woman that he wanted to become. The woman bent over and began to adjust the strap of her heeled sandals and John watched carefully, observing the delicate way her fingers worked, the softness of each movement “One day I’ll be you” he promised himself as the woman finished adjusting her shoe and walked off. “One day I’ll be just like you..

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