Fight Against Corruption !!

If there is one problem in today’s society in dire need of fixing, it must be rampant corruption. Not just in the government, but also in our most trusted institutions. We need good people to expose these crooks, and I hope to be one. I may come across a tad zealous, but it is good to be an idealist, right? I certainly do not want anyone thinking that I am not burning for the cause. That I am not willing to sacrifice comfort in favor of doing our society’s future good. That’s what’s most important, and I’m a soldier in this war. We all need to find our roles. We go undercover to infiltrate these nests of corruption. I have friends and allies in all parts of society; politics, the military, the media, business, and all the big industries. Maybe it doesn’t sound as scary, but I was sent to infiltrate Hollywood. I will admit that my assignment is a lot cushier than the others. Being a PA in LA isn’t what most people would call a sacrifice. I’ve had some of my comrades being envious of me, but I want to remind them of our shared goal. I am not here for my own sake. I am here to expose the vile corruption that is native to the film industry. And they should know just how much effort it takes to learn everything about make-up and fashion in just a couple of months.

I am a guy, after all, It may sound peculiar, but my contacts insisted that this was the right choice. They thought that a young man would be less likely to lose perspective. A young woman would be in risk of being swept up by the glamour and instead of exposing anyone she’d become part of the machine. I said that seemed vaguely misogynist, but they insisted that any risks had to be considered. That voice in the back of my head saying that I shouldn’t wear this skirt is good. It keeps me focused on the cause. It has been three months. I’m doing great, according to the producers I’m working for. The work itself is not that hard, I go back and forth fetching hot coffees and delivering inane messages. A lot of cringed inside jokes. But my contacts do seem pleased with the information I am giving them. They say that I need to go deeper, but I am not sure if I want to do. I will not back down now, but yesterday I met with some fancy director who kept taking pictures of me. It was super creepy, and I think he wants me in his next movie. The funny thing is that I want to tell him that I have never done acting before.

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