George carefully stepped out the car in his gold tight dress and 5 inch high heels and looked at his inevitable fate coming his way. All he could do was turn his head to see the guards running towards him from the compound he had attempted to escape from that day. Clearly he wasn’t successful. This had all began when he decided to take a holiday just for himself. He wanted some personal private time to himself. So he went to the Bahamas, A tropical island not far from Cuba. But when he arrived things turned for the worse. He had hitched a ride in what looked like a sports car, but little did he know that the driver was really working for Big Zee, a notorious gangster who runs a whore house in his private compound. And so this resulted in a kidnapping for George. They took him to the compound where they put him to sleep before operating on him. The next day when George woke up he was in for a bit of a shock. “Argh! My… my body! What have you done?” George asked worryingly. “This is your body! Your new body!” George was left in a frozen state at his new adjustments. Smooth hairless skin. Long curly blonde hair. Reduced muscle in arms and legs. “You are to wear these clothes at all time! Your working for Big Zee now as a whore.

You are expected to please your customers at all times and to obey every rule Big Zee has set out. Including walking like a proper slut in those heels. Otherwise, Big Zee will punish you severely.“ George had quickly learnt that all the girls were former men. And that’s when one of the girls told George there is a car parked outside with the keys in. “You can use that to get to the airport. Go quick!” And so George wasted no time to start the car and zoomed away. He didn’t want to lose his manhood, but he thought he could get away at least. As George drove out the compound to the long dirt track, the car just stopped all of a sudden. “No no no! Come on! Start damn it!” But that’s when he realised that there was no fuel in the car. George had been set up by one of the girls to get caught. He just stepped out the car and crouched down in defeat as he watched the guards run towards him. He knew he couldn’t outrun them, not in these heels. At that moment he knew he would never see his manhood
ever again


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