Sean stood in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil so that he could have a herbal tea. It was funny to think that he drank herbal tea these days. In the past he always drank coffee, but now he preferred teas. He didn’t really remember when it was that he switched, but then again, so many things seemed so long ago. Coffee wasn’t the only thing he had given up. He also didn’t drink beer anymore and, come to think of it, he hadn’t seen the guys for ages. Not that he minded, they never seemed to have anything interesting to say anyway. Not like the girls, they were much more fun to be with. Just yesterday he had gone out with his wife and two of her friends to the mall. They had spent a good few hours checking out the latest fashion and he loved giving his opinion. They even picked up some lingerie for him too. Sean looked down at the lacy bra and matching panties he was wearing. It was a beautiful set of lingerie and really fit his body well. The vitamins that his wife had been giving him had made him feel wonderful although he seemed to be growing breasts. 

At first, he was alarmed when he saw them but then his wife showed him how much better his bras looked and he had to agree they did look nice. Since he had stopped drinking beer he had lost weight and the underwear fit his soft smooth feminized body well. He couldn’t imagine how he ever wore male underwear in the past. Panties were so much softer and prettier. It all seemed so odd. However, did he notice that in the first place? He remembered his wife throwing out all his boxers and buying him some new panties but he didn’t remember discussing it with her at all. Not that they didn’t discuss things. They talked about all kinds of things all the time, like fashion, and recipes, and how to style their hair. That was another thing, he had been letting his hair grow and now it flowed down around his shoulders. He wondered what the guys would think if they saw him now. Perhaps he should call them to try and catch up for old time’s sake. Sean looked down at his hands and noticed that one of his nails was chipped. He picked up a nail file and began working on the nail until it was smooth and shapely. As he filed away all thoughts of calling the guys slipped from his mind along with all the other masculine thoughts he was losing…


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