Feminized by Aunt!!

“See Aunt Sophie, I told you that not only could I fit into your old prom dress but that my sister would be able to make me look good in it.”
“So you did my dear boy. I can’t exactly call you Gavin looking like this, can I? I think I’ll call you Marie after your grandmother. Now I believe the terms of our bet was that you would get a buck a day for the next year.”
That’s right, so why don’t I get changed and I can collect my first dollar.”
“I would really rather you stay like that for your first payment, let me refill your wine glass my dear. Just wait here while I go and get your payment.”

“Hello there, you must be Marie. Sophie, you were right, she sure is a cutie.”
“Aunt Sophie! Who the hell is this guy? and what is he doing here? I can’t believe someone saw me like this “
“My dear Marie, this is my new boyfriend. I was planning on introducing him to the family soon. Now he has a certain longing for sissy boys that sadly I can’t fulfill so I thought I would introduce him to you. Marie, meet Buck.”


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