Feminisation Hypnosis

The girls were having a good chat about life, shopping, and everything in Sue’s living room. Her friends Peggy and Jane, were telling her all about their latest exploits when the door burst open and Sue’s other half Daniel came in.Immediately all conversation stopped and there was a collective gasp from the ladies. It wasn’t just his long hair that hung down his back, or the stuffed bunny he was holding in one hand that shocked. It was Daniel was because wearing nothing except a pair of bright pink panties.Before any of them could say a word Daniel began to speak.”Sue, I want an apple,” he said in very girly voice.Sue didn’t bat an eyelid.”Say ‘hello’ to the girls first,” Sue said.”Hello,” Daniel said with a shy giggle.”Now, what’s the polite way to ask, Daniella?” she said sternly.”Please may I have an apple,” Daniel said with a cheeky grin on his face.”That’s better,” Sue said. “You may take one from the bowl.”Daniel went scampering over to the fruit bowl to look for an apple.It was Peggy who found her voice first.”Sue, what on earth is going on? Why is your Daniel wearing panties and acting like a girl?””I heard about feminization by hypnosis for men,” Sue told them. “The idea is to bring out their feminine side so that they are more helpful around the home and easier for women to live with. I started Daniel on the course and he responded very well. A bit too well. The method is to take the patient back to his youth and then rebuild him with more feminine traits. The problem is that now he seems stuck in the mind of a young girl. We are due to give him some intensive hypnosis to bring him up to a more adult age next week.”Daniel meanwhile was still poking around in the fruit bowl as the girls watched him.”So you mean to say he thinks he is a young girl now?” Jane asked.”Yes. He plays with dolls and that is his favorite stuffed bunny. I have to tuck him in at night and loves playing dress up in my clothes. I even had to buy him panties because he refused to wear male undies. He thinks they are nasty.”The girls collapsed into peals of laughter at this.Daniel turned around and laughed too.”That’s a very nice bunny, what’s his name?” Peggy asked him.Daniel gave a tinkling laugh at this.”She’s a girl bunny,” he corrected Peggy. “Her name is Gemima.””That’s a very pretty name,” Peggy told him. “A pretty name for a pretty teddy for a pretty girl.”Daniel beamed at her with a happy smile on his face.”Oh my goodness Sue, that is so funny,” Peggy said.  “But does he really have to run around like that only wearing underwear?””Mind you, they are very cute panties,” Jane giggled.”I suppose you are right,” Sue chuckled. She called out to Daniel.”Daniella, why aren’t you wearing your clothes?”Daniel looked at the three women in surprise.”You see, all the other girls are wearing their clothes,” Sue continued. “It isn’t very lady-like to run around in your panties. What will the girls think of you?”Daniel gave an shy smile and shrugged his shoulders.”Go upstairs and put on a pretty dress and then you can come back down and have you apple.”Daniel just shrugged at her.”If you find a nice dress I’ll help you put on some make-up,” Peggy promised him.”Okay,” squealed Daniel and he scampered across the room and out the door again.”He is adorable,” Peggy said. “I think you should leave him just the way he is and let him grow up naturally. Don’t bother with the intensive hypnosis.” “It would be so much fun,” Jane agreed. “It will be like having a little sister.” “Well, I suppose I could do that,” Sue replied. “After all, he is a good girl most of the time…”

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