After being kicked out of his 6th boarding school, Andrew’s parents were furious. They made sure that Andrew was aware, that if he were kicked out of this school, he would not like the consequences. So, when he made the call to tell them, he was thinking military school but his parents said that military school was not strict enough. His parents said he would instead be going to Miss Sassy’s Finishing School for Boys. Andrew begged his parents to send him to military school; even if it was in Alaska. But his parents said ‘no’. Andrew was dragged kicking and screaming; along with a half dozen other boys. The young men were dropped off in a large room filled with women’s clothes. A voice came over a PA and told the boys to undress and find proper attire to wear. Of course, none of the boys did this; they just laughed and said ‘whatever’. Then a rather large individual wearing an all-black head to toe PVC suit came in and used a stun gun on one of the boys; the others quickly undressed and began to put on their new clothes.

The voice came back and said only one outfit would be needed at this time. Then the boys were marched into the auditorium. Miss Sassy began by telling the boys that their days of being unruly boys were over, by the time they leave here; they will be naughty girls instead- obeying their master’s every command. Over the next few years, the boys were stripped of their identity. By the end of the first month, each had their name legally changed -Andrew became Amanda; she even got a social security card with her name on it. And of course, each got three electrolysis treatments daily to remove any body hair. Not only did each candidate get estrogen hormone supplements, but large amounts were also mixed in with the food and water. Amanda managed to grow a pair of natural size B breasts; with the right bra, she could even have C cups. At night the girls listened to hypnosis CDs to train their sissy brain’s into being good, but a little naughty, young women. Amanda hopes the boys at Wilson’s Military School like her outfit.

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