Alright pumpkin, so what do you want to do today?” Ken asked his daughter.”I told your mother I had to head into the office so we’ve got the whole day to do whatever we want.” Ken took a moment to admire his generous breasts poking out of the shirt he was given.

“Well I think the mall is a given, don’t you daddy? I know how much you love playing dress up as my friends.”

“Kylie especially,” he grinned, bouncing his boobs.

Mindy rolled her eyes, “Yes, daddy, I know Kylie is your favorite to shift into….though I wish you’d chose one of my more flat-chested friends. Kylie’s tits make mine look like tiny mosquito bites!” Ken brushed his hair back,

“I can’t help it, sweetie. Her skin just feels the most comfortable.” It was then the door opened and Ken’s wife popped her head in,.

“Oh, Kylie…l thought you left an hour ago?” Ken flashed his wife a smile,

“Oh no, Mrs. Gibbons. I decided to stay a bit. I think we’re gonna go to the mall.”

His wife looked at the time, “Well, Mindy, your father had to head into the office so I guess I’m free to give you two a ride!” The girls leaped from the bed,

“Yay! What perfect timing!” Ken loved his father/daughter time with Mindy even if it meant taking the form of a teenage girl and lying to this wife about his powers.


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