Fantasy turning into horror !!

Matt was on one of his personal weekends away, living out his crossdressing fantasies to the extreme. Booking a hotel in a different city each time, Matt would spend the time making himself over and enjoying life as a woman. At first he barely strayed from his room, although once or twice he had grabbed a quick coffee outside before nipping back to the safety of his room – what a thrill! Recently he had been getting braver, and had started attending the occasional low-key party. His female voice was improving and he was developing a real feminine persona which helped to make him convincing. It gave him a huge buzz knowing he could fool a large group of people and spend an evening completely en femme without fear of being discovered. This morning he was feeling especially confident and picked out an extremely skimpy yellow dress to wear in the evening. He wanted to look as hot as possible something he would soon come to regret! This is Matt’s face as he arrived at the heart of the party. He had finally found some company of his age group but this was not what he’d expected to see they were all people from his college! Matt turned to leave but bumped into his crush, Tina, who was coming out of the house. As she led him over to all of his friends, Matt realised this had to be his greatest performance yet. Would his nerves hold out?

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