“Uncle Arnold said he wanted me to start working in the family business, and the family business is selling black market magic items at a profit. But, one of the really great perks of the family business is getting to use the costume gun. Gina here is just the kind of costume l like. She’s hot, has an attitude, and knows how to get guys to do what she wants traits that really help on the job. I managed to zap her, and then watched as she deflated out of her clothes into a pile of girl-flesh. Then stripping down, I stepped into her bathroom and slipped her on. Watching myself in the mirror as my body shifted as the magic took hold, I just smiled, a stupid grin on my face as my manhood shrank, and my waist became model thin. I gained a few inches inheight, and watched as my boobs swelled out. Putting on her clothes, I assumed Gina’s identity. Her years and looks would make dealing potions and spells much easier, as well as giving me a great couple of nights clubbing this weekend. God, how I love this business.”

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