Exploring the Haunted House !!

Old houses do make a lot of noise.I live in an apartment in the big city, so i am mostly used to hearing street noises and the occasional police siren. But this old house creaks almost loudly enough to be considered haunted. Not that I am scared of it, but I find myself listening very closely to each and every sound .I’m technically on vacation, but I guess my brain hasn’t quite shut off yet. This house belongs to an old friend of mine, Kathy. We used to go to school together. We haven’t met up in a long while, so I am quite excited to see how everything has changed since l last visited this small town. I remember her kid brother, Alex, a sensitive young boy but still quite sweet-natured. I was told he was coming over from college later this week. That I am staying here will be a surprise for him. Kathy is still working. Not that I mind, I can’t expect everyone to take a vacation just because I am taking one. But it left me to explore the house on my own. Not that l am snooping… well maybe I am snooping. But who can blame me? Try to keep yourself entertained when you’re in somebody else’s house and then say you didn’t snoop.

In any case, this morning I heard a noise l previously hadn’t heard coming from the house. It sounded like moaning… no, it was definitively moaning. Feminine moaning. Had Kathy stayed in today? And if so, wouldn’t have thought she’d get up to anything naughty with me in the house. As l explored the downstairs area l noticed some bags lying by the entrance. It seemed like as if Alex had come home. Could the moans be coming from him? The moans had started becoming louder, more passionate and definitively more girly. I didn’t know what to suspect, had Alex brought a girl with him? But, no. He really wasn’t the kind of boy who’d bring girls home.I got that confirmed when I entered the room Alex had decided to occupy. Turns out some sensitive boys holds certain secrets.He was dressed in a sexy hot red dress, made up as a hot blonde and he was kissing some bald old guy.What would he think if he noticed me being here. “Hi, Alex,” I said .He immediately stopped kissing the guy and he knew he was in deep trouble.He just stood there shocked and couldn’t even look at me.

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