Max gazed upon the bodysuit he wore and shook falling back against the wall. How could he have let this happen? Was it even his doing? Only one thing was for certain at this point: he was fucked. Max had long been interested in RealFeel’s line of bodysuits, tailor-made and real to the touch, made of indestructible polymers that ensured life-long wearability. What would it like to have a woman’s body? Experience life through their eyes? Now he could finally find out, even if it took a month’s wages to do so. After signing the contract, the technicians sealed him up and set him off to enjoy what could be the most interesing five days of his life. Wanting to take full advantage, Max went out the first night.

It was incredible- everyone was listening to him, buying him drinks- life of an attractive girl was entirely different from anything he had ever experienced! Then came the morning. After a certain point Max became so drunk he didn’t remember a thing- which was why he was all the more shocked to discover a massive tattoo imprinted on the bodysuit’s torso and thigh!! He swallowed hard and stood up to examine it- it was real alright. Very, very real. The RealFeel technician’s voice echoed in his head “… and do not modify the suit in any way, else your security deposit will be cashed and ownership of the suit will be transfered to you. We will not deactivate any suits not owned by RealFeel.” Trembling, Max could only stare at the ink on his body. They would never accept it back now! He had just unintentionally purchased his suit- and would now be wearing it for the duration of his life.

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