It started off as some innocent fun. Tabatha suggested that her boyfriend Dale try on a pair of her panties. It didn’t take much convincing and Dale was soon prancing around in a pair of silky panties and acting very camp. Tabatha thoroughly enjoyed the show but when Dale asked if she wanted to do it again the following evening she began to wonder just what really made her boyfriend tick.”Oh come on, it was so much fun,” Dale said. “Okay, if you want to.” Tabatha found a pair of black satin panties with a black lace trim and gave them to Dale. He eagerly stripped off his clothes and pulled on the panties. “It’s a shame my legs are so hairy, the panties don’t look as good,” he said looking in the mirror. “We can easily take care of that,” said a bemused Tabatha. An hour later, and after a lot of hard work from Tabatha, Dale was shaved smooth enough to be satisfied. “How about some makeup?” she suggested wondering if he would really agree to be feminized that much. Dale didn’t hesitate. He immediately sat in a chair and patiently waited while Tabatha applied lipstick and foundation to hide his beard. She carefully made up his eyes too and by the time she had finished even she had to admit that he looked quite pretty.

As Dale looked at himself in the mirror a glazed look came over his eyes. “OH Tabatha,” he squealed sounding more like an excited teenage girl than an adult man. “That looks so good.” Tabatha had never seen him so excited about something they did together. “I suppose you had better put on the bra as well,” she said and handed Dale the matching bra to the panties. He couldn’t manage to put in on so Tabatha strapped him into it from behind while Dale made some last minute adjustments to his make up in the mirror. When the bra was on it was so tight it even squeezed his chest into a small cleavage. Dale took a few minutes to admire his feminine look in the mirror, checking himself out from all angles. To Tabatha, he really did look like a girl. “Dale, is there something you should tell me?” she asked gently. “No, what do you mean Tabby?” Dale said still looking in the mirror. “Well, you just seem very thrilled at being dressed as a girl,” Tabatha said. “You are acting like such a sissy.” “Oh, it’s nothing, I’m just having fun, that’s all,” Dale said turning to face her with his cheeks glowing red. But when their eyes met both Dale and Tabatha knew that things had changed forever. She was going to have found herself a real man…

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