Kyle had broken up with Mackenzie two years ago and had suspected she had never gotten over it. It wasn’t until recently he found out how right he was…

He had found a new girlfriend, Chloe. She was perfect, and Kyle was even getting ready to ask her to marry him. But one fateful night, everything changed. Kyle was walking home from work when suddenly everything went black. When he awoke, he was bound spread eagle on a bed and discovered Mackenzie standing over him. She explained how she had drugged him, and while in his loopy, doped-out state, forced him to make out with her. She scrolled through her phone, a sly grin on her face as she showed Kyle the endless pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend.

When he had dumped her, Mackenzie was heartbroken and felt humiliated in front of her peers. She vowed to get her revenge on Kyle, who she claimed had taken everything from her.

Using these photos, she explained that Kyle was to become her slave. Any shred of disobedience, and she would email the photos straight to Chloe.

Ever since that fateful night, his life had changed completely. Once a day, he was to come over and clean her entire house. Worse still, whenever she pleased, she would dress Kyle (who she would call “Kylie”) up completely as a slutty girl. But perhaps worst of all was that she was forcing him to come over every Saturday night, spend hours getting dolled up, then going out with her to the club. She even forced him to dance with other guys and now she wants Kylie to start making out with men..


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