Everything is Under Control !!

What do you think about this dress on me I asked my wife who was staring at me from the other side of our hotel room. “You’re the girl, you know these things.”

“Uh, I guess it’s nice,” she said. “You look lovely.

“Hah! You’re not getting any ideas, are you?” I laughed.

“Well,” she began. “I still don’t know why you’re doing this.

“Come on, babe, “I sighed. “I’ve told you a thousand times why we’re doing this. It is how we’re going to get the money we need to fund our new company.”

“I don’t know that many companies where one of its founders have to pretend being a woman,” my wife said sounding increasingly upset. “Why is Chris pushing you to do this?”

It’s only for a couple of days,” l insisted. “It’s not as if Christopher is making me go through a sex change or anything crazy.

“I’m just concerned, my wife said. “Like, you’ve spent so much time with Chris lately that I am beginning to feel ignored.”

“Seriously, honey?” I giggled. “Are you jealous?”

“No, of course I’m not jealous!” she yelled. “But, I don’t want you to get involved with something you’re not sure about.”

“I trust Christopher, he has got things under control,” l explained. “He even got me to start taking vitamin pills because he was concerned about my health. He’s such a control freak, let me tell you.”

Have your nipples always been that puffy?” my wife asked, pointing at my chest.

“Oh, my God! What has my nipples got to do with anything?” I said. “You must be jet-lagged. Go to bed and then we’ll talk about this tomorrow. Be glad Christopher paid for an extra ticket. It is hard to convince him to do anything, I’ll owe him one.”

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