Everything is Normal!!

Crap! Graham’s wife would be home any minute; he couldn’t let her see him like this. He had only intended to use the site to transform his body for a few moments; it just so quickly turned to an hour. Now he needed to find the site again in order to transform back. He didn’t remember closing out of the site, but it wasn’t open in any of the tabs on his browser. It didn’t appear to be in his history either.

And, as a final kicker, he couldn’t recall the name of the website no matter how hard he tried. It was almost as if he hadn’t visited the site at all. His heart sank further when he looked over from his laptop to the shelf to see his wedding picture. Instead of he and his wife; it was the woman he now was with a man. Gwen realized her heart was now racing. She had to transform back before her husband got home. But transform back into what? What was she worrying about? Everything was normal, wasn’t it?


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