Now Dave, remember tonight we are just 2 girls having 2 gentlemen come over to our place for some entertainment. My boss Robert is looking forward to this weekend, and his brother Ken is also really excited about coming over. They both know about you but to ensure they know who the hidden boy is, I dressed you in pink. Now, don’t disappoint me. I really want this promotion and if it takes 3 nights of pleasure with 2 very sexy men then so be it. You will be the perfect girl for Ken. He is bi-sexual and prefers his girls just like you. Pretty, sexy and still male down there. I am sure that all these years of cross-dressing behind my back will help you deal with the final setting in becoming a man’s woman. You will do whatever Ken wants, I know Robert will not want for anything this weekend. Now, let’s go downstairs and get the wine and snacks ready. Its only 8 pm on Friday and I am sure the boys have planned plenty of activities for us. Your femme wardrobe is all in the guest room and so you and Ken will stay there when you want to be alone. I know I will need a king-size bed for Robert. The girls at work just rave about his size. I am sure he is very much larger than you are. All those years of romance just made you so small. That is very good for the weekend. Ken has told Robert he likes his girls in very tight, very short outfits. Oh, there they are baby. Go get the door, don’t forget to smile and kiss Ken to welcome him, and let’s get started.


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