Corporate headquarters was under pressure to meet investor’s sales expectations. To encourage performance, rewards were offered for certain levels of sales growth. Employees did not respond. Then management tried a different approach. The worst sales performance would be forced to dress as a sissy for one month. Pete worked his tail off. There was no way he would spend a month at work dressed as a woman. Unfortunately, his biggest sale of the month fell through at the last minute. To keep his job he has to don a black skirt and high heel boots. It did not take long for Pete to start enjoying his new Beth persona.

He loved it so much he lived it at home too. Management saw Pete underperforming so he could stay dressed as a girl for another month so they changed the deal. The winner would get the Full Monty at TG Inc. Pete killed it. He raced to TG Inc. to be a real girl, the real Beth. It felt so good. Beth is a steady top performer now. She really found her footing as a woman. Most guys just don’t have it. Turn them into a girl and watch them shine. Beth never looked back. She is a star performer. Her live-in boyfriend also thinks she is the hottest.

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