Tony was fired from work due to sexual harassment. He had always been a womanizer ever since he hit puberty. He had the reputation as a pervert, making inappropriate comments every now and then. But when he slapped his coworkers bum, making the comment “nice fat ass, babe!” He took it too far. And so now he’s in desperate need for work. So he thought the perfect job for him was to work as a bouncer at his local strip club, so at the same time, he could eye the women while getting paid. His interview went great with the manager. “You are exactly what we are looking for! Here sign this contract then we can get you started!” And so without hesitation, he signed the contract, not even bothering to read it first as he was so eager to work. As soon as he was finished signing the document, his vision was blinded by a white flash for a split second. “What was that? Ah! My voice! It’s changed!” Tony, or now Tanya screamed to her surprise. But as she looked down at her own body, she could not take in what she was now looking at. A sexy woman with big assets. She has flawless, smooth skin and long blonde wavy hair. She was only wearing a red lingerie that was almost swallowed up by her huge butt, a pair of of high heels and a blonde wig. “W… w… what the?” Tanya was left speechless.

“It’s amazing what a magic contract can do, isn’t it Tanya?”

What have you done to me?”

All I can say to you at this point is ‘nice figure babe’, yeah that’s right! Does that sound familiar?”

“Who are you?” “I’m the brother of that co-worker you harassed! She told me all about what you said to her, which really upset her you know! She’s very self conscious about her looks!

“Look I’m sorry, okay? Just change me back!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, not until the 4 year contract that you just signed
is up.”

4 year contract?”

“Yep, that’s right! Your working here for 4 years as a pole dancer in case you haven’t worked that out yet! Now stop with the questions bitch and get to work! Time is money!” And just like that Tanya knew she was powerless to resist. There was nothing she could do. Just before she left the room to go perform on stage, she looked back again at her figure thinking to herself “damn, what have I got myself into!” All of a sudden she was no longer eager to work. Especially for the next 4 years. But little did Tanya know that the manager is planning to keep her around for much longer.


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