Felix should have been a bit more inquisitive when he interviewed for the adult modeling job. He had heard that it was an easy way to make some money, which he desperately needed to pay off his student loans. The interviewer kept asking questions about his kinks and desires; Felix felt a little uncomfortable since he really wasn’t into kink and he was still a virgin. He was a little worried that they might not hire him because of his scrawny frame, but he had been assured that they hire all types. As the questions proceeded, he wanted to make sure the interviewer knew he was not interested in anything “queer or gayish.” The man took down a quick note and proceeded through the interview as normal. About a week later, Felix got a call from one of the producers and said he was hired and he wanted him to come in immediately to be sized and to meet the rest of the crew and participants in the future shoots. Felix was nervous and excited as he saw a few gorgeous women walking around half-naked while he was getting his measurements taken.

He was introduced to Mistress Kate who looked him up and down and said he would be perfect and handed him a contract to sign. He was told to return in a week so they could begin the shoots. The moment he walked into the home in which they were shooting, the cameras were rolling and the action began. The company specialized in lots of trans kink and such, but customers were complaining that the supposed ‘forced feminization’ sequences were not real enough; so they decided to try something wild, and they now had a perfect victim. A week after the first film ended, they called Felix in to begin to promotional shots for the second set. He hated how they had sold off all of his belongings and forced him to live full-time in that horrid apartment with that Dominant Mistress and he especially hated all the things they had done to him. Forcing him to go to that tranny/drag salon and have his hair extended and dyed, the semi-permanent makeup, the saline injections in his chest and lips, it was all so humiliating. But he would have run for the hills if he had known why they had him dressed for this shoot- The next set was going to be called “TRANNY FORCED TO LOSE HER VIRGINITY FOR A BLACK MAN”

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