With a feeling of hopelessness, Ron pressed the elevator button for the ground floor. He figured out now that it had been a bad idea to tell all of his friends what an easy conquest Colene had. He had been surprised at her phone call and an invitation to her apartment, ESPECIALLY since she had gotten so pissed on their first date when he kept groping her after she said: “stop!”. Colene met him at the door with a drink… Five minutes later he was passed out! When he woke up, he looked like a 20-dollar hooker, and found out that Colene had MAILED his clothes, wallet and car keys to his house!!!! Before he could figure out what the hell had happened, Colene shoved him out the door and said: “have a nice walk home, Ronnie!”. Ron lived ten MILES away, in broad daylight and HIS apartment keys were “in the mail”. Colene glanced down at Ron tottering down the street in 4-inch heels and felt a satisfied grin spread across her face.. Colene was a LOT of things but “easy” wasn’t one of them.

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