Dutiful Wife !!

“I feel ridiculous,” I said as I looked down at the dress and heels I’d donned for the church. “You look fine,” Mark assured me, “Trust me, you’d only look ridiculous if you tried to wear your normal suit and tie!” “Ugh, do I really have to go like this? Can’t I just, you know, skip church until I get back into the right body?” I pleaded. “No way, no how. Your parents made me promise that I’d take care of you for as long as you’re in Melinda’s body, and frankly, that includes your spiritual health. You need to go to church, whether you’re a teen boy or a grown woman!” Mark explained for what felt like the thousandth time. “Look, let me level with you here Mark. I’m not exactly the most faithful guy in the world under the best of circumstances. I only go to church each week because Mom and Dad make me. Trust me, nothing you do is going to get me into any worse shape spiritually!” I protested.

“All the more reason why you need to go! In fact, I think you should stick around and join in with your Mom at the women’s bible study!” Mark declared. “You’ve got to be kidding me! You can’t make me do that!” I just about screamed. “Sure I can. You’re my wife right now, remember? That gives me a certain degree of authority over you. Honor and obey and all that jazz. So, I’m asking you to obey me in this and go to church with me and join your Mom at the bible study after!” I wanted to protest that I’d never promised to “honor and obey” him or anybody else! But… I didn’t. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t necessarily want to go to church with him and pretend to be his wife and all that. But I also sort of did like the way he was taking charge. I felt… comfortable, I guess letting myself assume the subservient role in our relationship.

Heck, it was only that inclination which had gotten me into the dress and heels I was wearing in the first place! Little did I now that the “accident” which had placed me in Melinda’s body was no accident, and that my growing subservience to Mark was the reason he and my parents had orchestrated the swap. Apparently they, along with others including the pastor at my church, had decided that I wasn’t really fit to fulfill a man’s duty as the spiritual leader of a home. So they’d arranged my swap with Melinda. As for the original Melinda, well, the new man was strong enough in the faith that it seemed he was being groomed to one day go into ministry himself. For my part, by the time I figured any of that out, I was fully settled into my new role as a subservient wife and expectant mother, and honestly, I didn’t really mind at all. After all, as I always said, Mark knew best…

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