My wife Courtney was asked to be in a friend of her’s wedding. She told me that she was heading off to the rehearsal. After she left, I was kind of bored and walked into the bedroom where Courtney’s bridesmaid dress was laying on the bed. I walked past it a couple of times while doing a few things. When a crazy idea popped into my head. I wonder what this thing would look like on somebody like me. So I picked up the dress and walked into the bathroom, took off my T-shirt. Then slid the dress up to my chest, as I was looking into the mirror to see what this looked like. I felt something grab my butt as I turned around I saw Courtney with a huge smile on her face.

What are you doing back so soon, honey? Jeff asked
She answered I forgot the present I was going to get Ashlee, so I came back to get it and quite a surprise to go along with it.
Let me explain… Jeff started but was interrupted
I would love to hear this but I have to get back, they’re waiting on me at the church. When I get back you’ll have my undivided attention, in the meantime, I’m going to think about how I can get you back into this dress and maybe a few other things.

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