Dressing up in Wife’s Clothes !!

I’m not a sissy. I don’t think it is fair to call me that. Sissies want to be with men, and I wouldn’t even dream of touching another man. Like, what would I even do with it? Sure, maybe it looks like I’ve got a pussy, but that’s an illusion. A very good illusion, I am actually stupidly proud over how convincing I made it look.It’s kinda naughty, but hey, I am naughty! I’ve also shaved my legs all smooth. I like the feeling, and my legs look real pretty. My toenails are painted, because why not? lf I am going do all the rest, I might as well borrow some of my girlfriend’s nail polish. Man, I look pretty. I need to take lots of pictures so that I can remember this.Yeah, I’ve got a girlfriend. She’s not here, though. She’s gone abroad for three years. She’s going to teach English in South Korea, so I am home alone with all her stuff. Sure, I wasn’t happy when she left, but she is going to earn lots of money and I can’t say I don’t want her to be successful. I miss her,though.

I guess that is why I decided to do all this to myself.Now, I wouldn’t dare cheat on her and I miss looking at her smooth and beautiful legs. This is all I’ve got now.I got an email from her the other day telling me all about the fun new people she has been getting to know. She has always been a very sociable person. Even in the small time she’s been over there she’s already got to know more people than I think I’ve known in my entire life. But I wish her the best. She told me about this guy, he’s apparently super handsome and nice, and he’s been good to my girlfriend. I really appreciate that, not being around her means that she isn’t being protected. There was something she wrote about how good he looks naked which was odd, but I guess they look at things differently in Korea. Maybe they’re not as prudish as we are.Apparently his name is ‘Namja Chingu,”but when I put that in Google it says it means ‘boyfriend.’ What kind of name is that? Silly foreigners.I wonder what it’d feel like to try and go out as a girl?

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