Terry was at a strip club, a place he doesn’t usually go too but today he thought “why not?” After breaking up with his girlfriend. He was watching one of the ladies work the pole when he noticed that the door where they come from was left wide open. “This is my chance to go back stage and see some of the hot ladies get dressed!” And so he excitedly made his way through the door into the back room. Imminently his eyes lit up. “Wow! This is like I’ve died and gone to heaven!” Everywhere he looked was full of busy, hot women walking around, chatting amongst themselves, getting dressed and organised for their next performance. Terry was just casually walking around the place observing everyone when he came across a mirror in the dressing room that for some strange reason caught his attention. But what really caught his gaze was the beauty products on the dresser such as the makeup. “Hmm, there is something I just can’t quite put my finger on!” And that’s when he felt the need to pick up the brush and apply makeup. He didn’t know why he was doing this, but it just felt right. As more and more makeup was added, his body began to change. All his body and facial hair vanished as so did his Adam’s apple. His skin became baby smooth as his stomach slimmed down. Long blonde hair grew down, just past his newly formed breasts. Terry could fully see the changes but there was nothing he could do now like he was locked in. “Ah! What am I doing! Why can’t I stop! My face oh my God! Somebody help!” But everyone just ignored him as he continued. As he was beginning to finish his makeup, his changes were coming to an end. His nails were now long and pink, and his clothes had completely changed to fit that of a stripper. “Come on Trixy, your up next! It’s your turn to give the lap dances!” “Okay honey I’m just finishing my makeup!” Terry replied. It looks like the strip club gained a new member. It was a good job his ex-girlfriend left that door open for Terry to find the backstage dressing rooms.


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