Dressed as a Girl !!

Ah, there you are. You decided to follow my instructions. Good! Don’t be afraid of being dressed in public. You look absolutely stunning. Here, let me buy you a drink.

WHO ARE YOU??? Why are you blackmailing me into coming here dressed as a girl?

All in good time, my dear. You should have been more careful. If you hadn’t left your window open I might never have been able to take those photos of you dressed up all nice and pretty. They did give you the incentive to meet me here at the bar, didn’t they? Otherwise, such embarrassing pictures might have been leaked all over town.

I don’t understand! Why are you doing this? I don’t have any money!

Silly girl, don’t you understand? I don’t want your money. I want you. I love pretty, feminine boys like you, with your sexy body and your gorgeous legs, and I want you as my girlfriend. A few little changes here and there, and you’ll become the perfect woman for me.

WHAT?? Please…I can’t become a woman! I only dressed up that once and it was just for fun! Please…no…Im begging you…

Shhh, little one, you really don’t have a choice. You’re going to make me feel like a woman…NO! I mean, I’m the one who’ll make you feel like one. As a woman, that is. I mean.

CUT! Everyone, take five! Roger, the line you were supposed to say is “I’m going to make you feel like a woman whether you like it or not”. You did read the script, right?

Yes, sir, I did, sir. It’s just that William looks so gorgeous as a woman and I forgot my lines. I mean look at him. I mean her. I mean…

Of course, I look gorgeous as a woman, you idiot. That’s why I am getting top billing in this movie and you ‘re not. Seriously, what third-rate acting school did casting dredge you up from? Now stop stammering and bring me a diet coke. Make sure it’s cold this time.

Yes, sir…I mean ma am! Right away!

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