Ok, check again. 4-inch heels, sheer stockings, smooth lotioned legs, painted toes, sexy black chemise with demi cups to show off your new b cup breasts. Make up done, hair perfect, fingernails painted and sexy. I guess I got it all right and I still have 15 minutes. I can’t believe my wife set me up for this. She seems to know when to make bets with me and when she will win. How I lost I still don’t know but the payoff is severe for me. She is in the other room getting ready herself. It seems that she has a new client at work and to secure the contract, she agreed to a double date with the client and her boss. I can’t believe how pretty and sexy I look. I hope Ken does not get too frisky. She says he’s nice and from out of town.  That little black dress is just so tight and short it won’t hide too much. Why are my nipples so hard and my areolas so swollen? That dress will enflame them all night with the constant rubbing.

I wonder if we are going out or staying in. She did not say. I don’t know if I can even walk in these heels. Oh, HI honey. Yes, I did everything you asked. I just need to put on my dress. So, are we staying in tonight? What? You and Robert are but Ken and I are going out? OMG. what do you mean you packed my bag? I, I .. I cant go with him without you. What if he .. he finds out about… you.. you know.. You mean you already told him at the meeting today? He is so happy that you are willing to give your husband to him for the weekend to get the contract signed. But, I am not gay. Yes, baby I love you. Are you sure you want to be here with Robert alone all weekend? Please don’t smile like that…..

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