Don’t you just love being a Girl?

There we go. Now that’s the shy little girl that I want to see. You look so happy in your new dress. Isn’t this better than being a bully?
Uhm..yeah.. I guess.
Are you sure Jason? I mean I could go back to the judge and send you back to jail. You don’t seem to enjoy being a little girl.
No, uhm, this is good. I really like being a girl and this dress is cute.

Well, I am not completely convinced, but it is nice to hear you say something positive for a change. I can’t express how important it is for you to be happy with your new life. As soon as you really start loving your new life, this punishment will end.
Really? Oh, I was just kidding before. I seriously love this dress and the lingerie I wore inside. I feel like a pretty girl and love to mince around in my heels and a new dress.
Wow!! What a change in attitude. I like it. And since you seem to like it so much, I don’t see any reason to continue. Now we can move on to your sexual training behavior. I will call your new boyfriend and you too can start dating like a real couple.
Wait, what??


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