Dominating Wife Turns her Husband into a Girl !!

I had not seen Charlie in several years. It funny, when you are a teenager is every year feels so long and unique. The friends you make in school feels like friends you’ve had for a whole lifetime. But then when you graduate, and start to become an adult, a time that suddenly slips away. Years will go by without you even noticing .And those friends, those “brothers in arms,” you had at school go way to live their on lives .But Charlie and I was real close during those years. We weren’t exactly best buds, no, but I had a genuine fondness for him. He was as stupid as a rock, and I always wondered would what happen to him after we graduated. I don’t want to sound mean about the guy, he’s one of the nicest people I have ever known, but he was seriously so dimwitted that I had to wonder if he could live on his own. Thankfully it did not seem like as if he’d have to experience that life. He had a girlfriend, a few years older than us, and she just seemed obsessed with him. Zoe was her name. It was a little awkward how possessive she’d get, but she was so hot. All of us guys were envious of Charlie. I recently reconnected with Charlie thanks to the internet. I had just found his email address out of the blue one day and decided to contact him. I was wondering how he was doing.

The first few emails were about as boring as you’d expect, I told him about my job and he told me about his house. He had moved to Los Angeles, apparently, but other than that nothing seemed much exciting. But when I asked Charlie about Zoe, well, I did get some more interesting information. Apparently Zoe and Charlie had gotten married a couple of years back. Zoe apparently working the film industry and was a big-time make-up artist. Charlie was really excited about being behind-the-scenes of so many big blockbuster movies. He enjoyed living in California and Hollywood, and he talked about how pleasant everyone was there. Curious for me to hear, as “pleasant” isn’t exactly something l associate with Los Angeles. It seemed like Zoe and Charlie lived the ideal nerdy life, taking part in everything geeky that Los Angeles had to offer. Charlie enthusiastically told me everything about cosplay.I was happy to hear Charlie speak so positively about his life with Zoe. Lots of guys would be insulted to live with a woman so domineering and strong. Charlie apparently don’t do much in the day, except for cleaning the house.

But, still. I was getting a bit jealous of Charlie getting to see so much of Hollywood. We used to bond over our love for pop culture, and that was some time before it suddenly became cool to be a nerd. I had somewhat forgotten about those interests, but hearing Charlie tell me about how excited he was for cosplay, I wanted to join in. Maybe I could pay him a visit?He wanted to show of his best costume on skype.I always thought of Charlie as being a small and scrawny kid, so I was curious to see what he looked like now. I mean, had he suddenly transformed into some magnificent hunk that could make a convincing Superman? was rather shocked, to say the least, when he showed up live on webcam Hey! Buddy!” Charlie yelled happily. “Look at me! I am Supergirl !! I was shocked to see him dressed in all girly clothes.Looks like Charlie lives as a housewife whereas Zoe is the real Husband.

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