“Woah, I really like that top!” Jerry said to his friend Sam.
“Yeah, I bet you do!” Sam laughed knowing quite well why Jerry liked it so much.
“No! Not like that! It’s… a nice color! What… color is… it?” Jerry asked turning bright red.
“Lavender.” Sam said still laughing over his friends reaction to the sight he was giving him.

“It’s a good color… it… matches your eyes!” Jerry said.
“My eyes are up here Jerry.” Sam pointed out. Jerry looked up from his friends cleavage embarrassed.
“I’m sorry.” he apologized.
“No need to be. I was a guy a month ago! I know what view I’m giving you here! It was just too funny to see you squirm like that!” Sam said.
“Glad to see you’re having fun messing with me.” Jerry said a bit upset.
“Hey, if I have to drag these things around with me all the time I might as well have some fun with them every now and then! And this is the most comfortable top Nicole left me. And I hate wearing bras. So please don’t make me put one on.

At least try to make eye contact every now and then when we’re hanging out today!” Sam explained. A month ago, Sam got his body and life stolen by his girlfriend Nicole. When he woke up in her body, he found himself in her apartment with a note from her explaining that she stole his life and that she would make him pay if he tried to find and contact her. That was the last anyone had heard of Nicole. Luckily Sam could convince his friends and family of who he actually was. And they were a great help for him as he tried to adapt to his new body and life. And today was the first time he would actually hang out with his best friend again like they did before the swap. Or at least that was the plan. Unlike before the swap Sam’s breasts came up quite often in their discussions. But Sam didn’t really mind. He was starting to like the attention his breasts were getting him.


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