Amelia delicately dabbed some more lip gloss on her shiny red lips. She had already spent the last hour working on her eye shadow and eyebrows, yet her look still wasn’t perfect. It was the least she could do for her girlfriend, Debbie, who had simply asked that she wear “perfect clothing and pristine makeup at all times” and she would support Amelia.

She tried to remember a time without makeup. It was really hard to do, as she was a real airhead, but she did have a vague recollection of something. ..Sitting down on a couch…. popping in a DVD that Debbie asked her to watch… .then images. Lots of images. Pictures of girls, pictures of makeup, pictures of girls applying makeup. She remembered sitting, memorized, for a full 10 hours, sitting there watching those pretty girls with their makeup… Wanting to be those pretty girls with their makeup. But that was the farthest back she could think. Oh well, Amelia thought to herself. Anything before this couldn’t have been any better than putting on and tasting this glistening lip gloss. I wonder if I should try for a sluttier look?


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