Destructive Relationship !!

Jeffrey knew that his parents fought all the time, but he didn’t know that his mother had been trying to get away from him for quite a while. Over the years he had become increasingly abusive, but for the most they hid this activity from Jeffrey, faking their disdain for each other as much as they could. Jeffrey didn’t know that his mother had tried to leave several times before, but his father kept pulling her back, preventing her escape from their destructive relationship. But all of their deception had come to a screeching halt when, one afternoon, Jeffrey awoke from a nap to discover in horror they he was in the body of his mother! Screaming, he ran through the house trying to find her, falling twice in the stiletto heels still wrapped around her ankles, but she was nowhere to be found.

All he discovered was a brief, handwritten note on the counter addressed to himself: Jeffrey. l’m so sorry to have done what I did. But I couldn’t take it anymore. It was my only chance to escape your father. I know that you are stronger than l am- you will make it through this. And when you do, I will find you. Love, Mom. Jeffrey began to panic. What had she done?? Feeling now the eerie details of her body, Jeffrey began to get dizzy- and that was when his father came in the door. With a menacing grin on his face, he approached him and pushed him down, easily accomplished by his now-weak body and heeled feet. Jeffrey won’t be home for an hour or so,” he began, undoing his belt. “That gives us time to have a little fun!'”

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