Lucas’ school dance was coming closer. He was desperate for a date, but he was always too scared to ask anybody. He had never dated anyone in the 20 years he had lived so there were a few friends who thought he was a loser. But as he ate another lunch with his friends, he overheard some girls talking about a pill that could get anyone a date. He asked the girl about the pill which was called “SQUIK”. She was surprised that he was interested and gave him the location. He went to the location and was discouraged to find out the price for the single pill which was 100$. But as previously stated, he was desperate. He paid the strange lady and took the pill. He felt nothing at first, but as he passed the mall, he felt some hair over his eyes. He scrambled to the nearest bathroom and looked in wonder as his hair started to grow and became silky and wavy. Was this due to the pill? As he started to put the pieces together, he realized that the pill was meant to help a certain gender with their dating needs. His chest started to swell when he figured out what was going on. Before he knew it, he was sporting the body of a pretty teenage girl. He looked at himself in the mirror and walked out of the bathroom, filled with a wave of confidence. The pill definitely worked. There was no way Lucy wouldn’t get a date now.


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