Bobby was desperate for a job so when he saw an ad for office help at a high-powered legal company he jumped at it. He was disappointed to learn that the position was cleaning and catering work for the fifteen women who worked at the office. Bobby nearly walked out there and then but he needed to earn some money so he swallowed his pride and agreed to take the job. After all, he told himself, it was worth it to spend the day with so many beautiful women. The first day at work he nearly died with embarrassment as he made his way around the office cleaning and dusting. The women all pretended to ignore him but he could see them smirking to each other and they all made a point of ordering tea and coffee at every opportunity. He was constantly running back and forth to the little kitchen taking orders or cleaning someone’s desk and shelves. As time went on Bobby became more used to the work. He relaxed and began to enjoy taking care of ‘the ladies’ and soon found himself tripping around the office quite submissively. It wasn’t long before the women began leaving notes for him addressed to ‘Bobbi’ and he never corrected them. He enjoyed being at the office but he felt silly doing his chores in a business suit. After a couple of weeks, his female boss called him in and said that if he was going to be the office maid he should dress the part. It just seemed to make much more sense and in his current state of mind, he didn’t argue. He was given a traditional maid uniform with a little black dress, white frills and a frilly little apron. He even wore black stockings and frilly white panties to match the uniform. He bought himself a long wig until he could grow his hair long and the next day went to work dressed for the job. The women all told him how cute he looked and that they approved of his choice of uniform. They especially seemed to enjoy asking him to clean top shelves or bend over to pick things up and he felt sure that each time he did his frilly panties were showing but the skirt was so short there was nothing he could do about it…


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