Desire Becomes Reality !!

Are you sure I will fit in the dress?

Why surely. Take a look at yourself It would never have been possible a few months ago, but you pulled through the diet and let your hair grow well. When your body could not become much slimmer, we ordered matching breast forms and a fitting gaff to complete the picture of a real woman.

Yes, and I can tell you that it wasn’t so easy for me to maintain the necessary discipline. I would never have achieved that without you.

Well, that was part of our deal, right? That you have a secret desire to be my maid, I would never have thought. Back then, when I noticed that you were secretly watching Natalie, I believed you were going to have an affair with her. But never that you would dream of wearing her uniform.

Hmm hmm. If you had not accepted my bet that I would prove my real motives to you, you would surely have kicked me out because you thought I was chasing after your French maid.

Ron, you taught me differently, and now the moment has come, you have worked so long for. But somehow your courage seems to leave you now, otherwise, you would not be so insecure, would you? Come over now and let me help you in the dress that will be your uniform for the next three months.

I am not sure anymore. Three months is a long time.

You know that was part of our deal after Natalie told me that she had to go back to France for three months to help her sick grandmother. And you agreed to take her place during that time, right?

I know, I know. But it is different to wish for something than when this desire becomes reality.

Tss, tss. Come on, come on. Or should I punish my new maid on the first
day of her job because she does not follow my instructions? So, what is it, Desiree? Your uniform is waiting for you.

Oui, oui, madame. Je viens.

That is much better. And keep that French accent, because for the next three months you’re my French replacement maid Desiree.

Oui, madame. Je Suis a vo tre service.

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