Denny looked in the mirror again. Could the image there actually be him? He knew he had been born a boy. He knew his best friend was Walter. And he was positive his girlfriend was named Katrina, or at least that is what he thought. But lately, nothing really made sense. It was as if he somehow had shifted into a different reality. Things were just not the same. This image in the mirror, his reflection, had become more feminine day by day. Even he had to admit that he looked like a girl now. And Katrina? She had become more like a sister than a girlfriend. And Walter, this is where things had become really weird. These days he was becoming attracted to Walter …in a sexual nature. His whole world had been turned topsy turvy, and Denny didn’t understand why, or how. And he didn’t know who to talk to. His mother had been putting a nano powder into his food for the past year or so. She had always wanted a daughter and had decided to get what she had always wanted.

She took pleasure in watching Denny slowly change into her new daughter. For the longest time, Denny had not noticed a thing, but she certainly had. She enjoyed watching him mature into the girl he had become. Denny knew that he had to start living as a girl now, even if he wasn’t one. But he sure looked like one, so maybe he really is. Maybe he had been wrong about everything all these years? Tomorrow Denise would meet the world. Denise was a real girl now. And Denise knew that with all these new changes, there was no way she could masquerade as a boy any longer. Nope, she was Denise now, and her mother couldn’t be happier. Look out world, here comes Denise.


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