“The doctors have really done a good job on you” sad Nichole as she slapped Ron’s big butt encased in the tight pencil skirt. “If I hadn’t been there for the whole transformation, I would never know you were a boy down there.”
“Fuck You” Ron hissed at Nichole as he looked back at her.
“You still have a lot of fight left in you huh? but then what fun would it be if you were submissive all the time”, smirked Nichole as she lightly caressed his bubble butt.
Although Ron wasn’t necessarily a good guy but this time, he had decided to help Nichole grow up and become someone important, but this time he got conned by her, as she embezzled a lot of money from the company and everything got blamed on Ron. Ron wasn’t fired but give a big demotion.

The job market was very tight for men as it was being dominated by only women and hence Ron couldn’t leave the job and had to everything that Nichole would make him do.
“I am going to find a way to reverse this and get my revenge, you are going to pay for what you have done-“. Ron was interrupted again by a tight swat on his butt by Nichole.
“Ok don’t waste my time go and get me a coffee”, ordered Nichole as she went behind her new desk in her cabin which was once owned by Ron and Ron scampered off to the office kitchen to get her coffee in high heels and sexy blouse and pencil skirt that was made mandatory for Ron.


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