“We’ll be in touch,” My handler said as he turned and started to walk away, “I know this is tough but remember, this is the safest option we have.” He said before leaving. I continued to sit at the table, sipping my tea. Our visits together were becoming fewer and far between by design, for better or for worse. Interpol was working my case, but even I knew they were running into a dead end. No one has ever been able to capture The Scorpion. I was an undercover agent who got in too close. Saw far too much of his operation and ended up with a heavy price tag on my head. That’s when I was offered the deal of a lifetime. Interpol would protect me. Put me in the best Witness Protection Program money could buy. They promised me a new identity, a new job, in a new location. Legal documents and medical records and even a modest bank account to pull from. All I had to do was sign the papers.

Sure, it meant being taken out of the field, but I wasn’t in a bargaining position. Of course, they didn’t exactly explain to me just how extensive their program was. Using new fringe technology, the doctors were able to genetically rewrite my DNA. The best way to hide a 35-year-old man is to replace him with a 25-year-old woman; and thus Samantha was born. The doctors explained to me that through nano technology, I was now 100% female, capable of everything that title entails. They were also kind enough to provide for me a lifestyle coach to help me adapt to my new identity. While losing my manhood was a steep price to pay, every day I feel just a little bit safer. No one would ever find me out. I finished my tea, stood up, straightened my skirt and grabbed my purse. As my heels clacked on the tile floor and my hips swayed back and forth, I laughed, if only the guys from the academy could see me now.


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