Days of Being a Male are Over !!

When Steve’s single mother Caroline had threatened him with a punishment “more sevier than he could ever imagine” if he didn’t change his ways, he merely shrugged her off. After all, she had threatened him with punishments countless times in the past. But when Steve woke up that fateful morning, he discovered in horror just what exactly his mother had meant- he had been surgically transformed into a girl. Firm breasts were now attached to his chest, and his manhood had been entirely removed, replaced by a new vagina, rendering him officially as a her.

Steve’s initial outburst upon realizing what had been done to him was short-lived however, as he soon realized he had woken up in a place that was not his home, but rather a high-security facility where new girls were instructed on how to carry themselves as new, productive members of society. Their dress code was strict and enforced by a metal chastity belt that “encouraged” cooperation when residents were found out of their proper attire. One slip-up was all it taken the new Stephanie to learn to never be caught out of uniform. Stephanie is now only six months away from her release back into the world, but she still remained bitter about what had happened to her. She missed being a male- but those days were long behind her.


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