Dave was flitting about in his apartment enjoying a quiet evening en femme. He was dressed in some of his favorite women’s clothing and his blonde wig and careful makeup he looked and felt at his best. Then the phone rang and a woman’s voice simply said “You’ve got mail” and hung up. At the moment before the line went dead, he heard what sounded like another girl laughing in the background. Puzzled he sat down at the computer and noticed a new e-mail message. For a moment he thought it might be spam because it was from an address that he didn’t recognize but the subject said “Davyeboy, this is for you” and only his friends called him ‘Daveyboy’. He opened the message and his blood turned to ice. The message had no text but just a series of pictures of him out and about dressed as a woman. There was a photo of him walking along a street in a red miniskirt with black heels. One photo showed him in a local crossdresser’s bar dancing on the stage in a white top and tiny tight, gold hot pants. Worst of all, their final picture was of him entering a salon where he had his waxing done. In the picture, he was dressed as his usual self. Whoever had sent him the message knew exactly who he was. The next day, Dave got a parcel with a gift. When he opened the gift, it was lacy pink lingerie and a card with an address to a cheap motel. Dave knew exactly what he was supposed to do…


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