Date Night !!

Oh, wow! You look amazing,” Josh said. “Like, totally amazing! I dunno what to say, even. Just… man!” I could barely hear the words coming out of his mouth. My head was so overflowing with emotions, that it felt like it may fall off. I felt warm like as if my whole body was blushing, but I did not look out of place, or even the slightest bit awkward. I guess that I must look great, but I really could not believe it. After all, I am not female. And I am most certainly not attractive. Never once in my life have I been told that I look good. So what am I supposed to think now? I see you’re smiling!” Josh said. “And, man! Your boobs! They look so real! Well, I guess they are real Don’t call them that…” I whispered through my gritted teeth. “Boobs.It’s a stupid word. If you gotta refer to them, say breasts, not boobs. “Is that… all you?” I mean, I know you had that ‘gynomastica’ thing, but they look so good!” Josh said, beginning to sound like any other dumbstruck guy who’s talking to a beautiful woman out of his league.It’s gynecomastia, I sighed. “But I am also wearing this damn uncomfortable bra. Normally I’ll wear a compression vest that makes them less noticeable. This bra… well it does the opposite.” “It sure does!” Josh said. “You’re a babe.” Oh, stop being such a douche,” I said.”Remember why we’re doing this.”Honestly, I had somewhat forgotten why we’re doing this. Why I’m dressed up like a girl and pretending to be my friend’s date. I know it had something to do with his boss and a potential promotion, but I didn’t get all of the details. As soon as I agreed (with the promise of a large sum of money coming my way) I had to focus on perfecting the illusion. After all,I was just gonna be the date. I didn’t need to know anything as my job was to smile and look pretty. Sure… I am humiliated beyond measure and I hate every moment I am forced to tuck my tortured penis between my legs. But these are the things you do for money.”I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off you once we get to our room,” Josh said. “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. It is okay man! I won’t judge you. If you’re into this, then I can show you a good time.” As shocked as I should have been to hear him say that, I wasn’t. When you’re dressed up like this, so exposed to everyone, you become very aware of what people think about you. Their faces will tell you their whole story. I should have slapped Josh right there, in front of everyone to see, but that would have been stupid. I need to be a good girlfriend if I am going to get the money. In fact, if I am very good at this, I might end up getting all of Josh’s money. I could bleed him dry.I’m doing this for the money, Josh,” I said. “How much are you willing to pay for these ‘boobs?”

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