Dancing Around in Woman’s Clothes !!

Brad stood in front of the mirror in the basque and satin shorts and began to dance. He wiggled his hips and sang the words to the song as he tried to remember as much of the dance as he could. He liked to believe he made a very pretty showgirl, just like his friend Shelby. Shelby had given Brad the key to her apartment so that he could be there when the plumber came by. She and her flatmate needed to be at work but Brad had offered to do her a favor by being there when the plumber came by. However, Brad had another reason for wanting to be alone in the apartment. Shelby was part of an amateur dance group and their latest performance had been burlesque. Brad had teased Shelby about the sexy costume she and the girls needed to wear for the shows but secretly he craved to try it on. When her sink became blocked he had a perfect opportunity to get his wish. After the plumber had finished working on the sink Brad went to Shelby’s room and quickly found her costume. It was a beautiful sexy purple satin basque with black satin shorts. He took off his clothes, leaving on the panties he always wore and put on the costume.

He spent several minutes just enjoying the feeling of the material on his body and then went over to the mirror to see how he looked. Shelby wore a wig for the show and he put that on too. Since he always kept his body hairless he now really did look like one of the girls. Brad put on the music from the show on Shelby’s music player and began dancing in front of the mirror. He didn’t know any of the dances properly but he thoroughly enjoyed going through some of the moves he had seen the girls doing in the show. In his mind he could see himself as one of the girls, all dressed up and dancing on the stage. He performed some high kicks and twists and turns, all the while imaging how much fun it would be to really be part of an all-female dance troupe.The door to Shelby’s room flew open and her flatmate Jane burst in.”What the hell do you think you are doing!” she shouted in shock at the sight of Brad bending over in front of the mirror and wiggling his tush at himself.

Bran nearly fainted with shock and couldn’t manage anything more then some whimpering sounds.”How dare you put on Shebly’s costume,” Jane said sternly but she was beginning to laugh despite herself. Brad just looked too much like a girl.”Look I’m sorry, I just wanted to see how it felt, please don’t tell Shelby and the others.” “Oh I’m not going to tell them anything. You are going to sit here and wait with me till she gets home. This is a sight she wouldn’t want to miss.”When Shelby came home she was furious with Brad for invading her privacy but before long she too was laughing at poor Brad. “This really is just too funny,” she said. “There is only one thing to be done.”She picked up her phone and began calling all of the dance troupe to come over for a ‘special show meeting’. Not all of the girls could come but before long there were a half a dozen young women crowded around Brad. When Jane told them about how he had been dancing in front of the mirror they insisted he show them. Overwhelmed buy the sheer numbers, and utterly demoralized, Brad soon found himself performing for the girls who insisted that he come to the next practice session and show the rest of the team…

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